I hate my mother. The word hate is an understatement that describes my disliking towards her. She manipulates all of her children. God forbid we say something that makes her cry and she pulls a guilt trip on her husband to make us apologize to her. And she gets ticked off at the slightest things. If you’re not fully clear with your words or your tone then she’ll take it the wrong way and, yet again, get mad. I feel bad for my father as well. He married a shitty woman. They surely should get a divorce considering they argue practically every day. Lately I’ve been begging my brother to stay home just so I’m not left to listen to their quarrels. The thing is my mother didn’t have kids for the joy of it. She had kids bc she needed a reason to not off herself, which there’s nothing wrong with having kids for that reason, but it’s the fact that she made us all live a crappy childhood. I’ve been tempted quite a few times to run away, but end up staying and hoping that things would get better. It had yet to get better.

1 year ago

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