The night we went to that party we never expected to be burying a body. The foam that was coming out of her mouth just repeats itself in my head. The loud noise of her bones cracking because of a shovel hitting her head. Her cries for help make me giggle a bit. You really don't know somebody until they beg for mercy. She had it coming for her anyway. The dirt covering her face and legs makes her shine. 6ft under is where she is. Deep, deep, deep, deep, into the woods she lays there. Blood filling her eyes and her calling for her mommy. We decorated the place with flowers to make the place feel more...alive. And here I am, looking crazy with a knife and her DNA on me. "Please don't kill me!" she screams. If anyone finds out or snitches, we will just simply take their head off. I'm not crazy...I'm just honest. Everyone dies. Whether it comes fast or slow, painful or peaceful, we ALL DIE.

2 years ago

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