This is my relationship with one of my parents and is more of a rant than anything. Things this parent always says to me: “Were you on the computer?” Everytime you go in and out of your room. Saying something that they know will make you irritated, but saying it anyways and when you get angry they act appalled. “Why are you crying? Stop crying or I’ll get more upset.” Have constant mood swings, almost like they are bipolar, but when confronted they brush it off and deny. (5 minutes after an argument they act like nothing happened and are unusually happy & sarcastic.) Make a big deal out of minor mistakes. Always being called sensitive They are always trying to “toughen you up” Always shut down any ideas that they don’t like and make you feel like an idiot afterwards Threaten to take away your belongings when you don’t listen or do as they say. Never listen to any of your advice and even when they do they act like you’ve just said the stupidest thing in the world. Always calls you an “immature teenager” Afraid to open up to them about your true thoughts and opinions because you feel like you're being judged. Always being called “unmotivated” and “average” when you don’t want to do something at the moment. Me and this parent’s morals clash. Searches through my stuff, but never allows me to look at theirs. Good Traits: We have great intellectual conversations when we are both in a good mood. They can be funny sometimes Cares for my well-being and always puts me first in priorities. Helps me when I ask for help in school and in certain tasks I trust them, and am never afraid to open up to them in suspicious situations (ex. If a stranger approaches me, or if something bad happens I’ll tell them right away.) If I need advice I would ask them first They want to ensure that I have a better future than them This conversation happens once a month: Them: “You hate me right?” Me: “No, no, hate is a strong word. I just think you can be really annoying sometimes. I still love you.” I'm not asking anyone to justify my relationship with them but I still would like to hear your insight on it, or maybe your own personal experiences.

2 years ago

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