How we both became friends

So i was playing Minecraft with my brother. We were teasing each other about how bad he/i play... When suddenly a girl who was coming first in every game said everyone is good. She later sent me a friend request. However, it wasn't her. Next day i found out it was her brother. We still became good friends though. We used to hang out daily (me, my brother and her brother). I took a break from the game and when i came back i realized he lost interest in the game. He was talking to my brother but felt not interested talking to me. I just moved on. But once after few days i saw him online in the game. I asked him are you his sister or him? Cuz i remember he told he had a sister who would play on his account. She replied its his sister. Thats how we became friends. At start we were very formal with each other. But on third day we got really open to each other. I told her about my nicknames given by friends and she started teasing me. I created a nickname for her and started teasing her with it. We later shared discord ids. Now we talk daily with each other. +the awkwardness has reduced between us. We're not so formal now. Instead, i call her my pet donkey. And I'm her pet pig. We're so much like real sisters now. We has our 1st voice chat full of awkwardness. No one knowing what to say. (Lol). We haven't revealed our faces yet as we made a rule of not revealing our faces until we actually meet up. We both share almost everything with each other. I am sad on one side that i lost my great friend and now he has no interest in talking or playing minecraft. But on other side, I'm glad i could find her. We both play minecraft daily. We shared our phone numbers too. I never thought we would be best friends but i found her.

1 year ago

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