Hi. I don't know if anyone will see this but I need some advice. I think I have schizophrenia. I researched all I could find on it and I've been having most of the symptoms ever since I was about 7, but I don't know how to tell anyone and I'm scared. I used to think all these things (my symptoms) were just the result of sleep deprivation, which most likely isn't the case because for a bit I was getting decently normal sleep and it still continued. Recently I receded back into my sleep deprived ways, but that doesn't concern me much. My symptoms have gotten much worse over the years and it's starting to stress me out really bad. I've thought about telling my family, but I don't trust anyone. A bit ironic that I'm asking people I don't know for help, but it's better than coming off as a lunatic to my family. I've gone to therapy for cutting myself before, but I swore I'd never go back because it was probably the most awkward week of my life. Yet here I am, wishing that I had asked to keep going. If anyone can give me some tips or ideas on how to reach out for help, please let me know. I'm really scared. I'd also like to note that I'm not actively suicidal and haven't cut myself in almost a year, so I'm not in any immediate danger. I'm just fed up with dealing with all this crap on my own and I'd really appreciate some advice if anyone has any. Oh also I'm not in any way self-diagnosing, but I want to ask for a possible diagnosis from a doctor, I just don't know how to ask to go see the doctor (sorry if that was confusing). Thanks for reading this far, I really appreciate it. <3

2 years ago

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