The hypocrisy of life is nauseating. Constant state of tiptoeing across a field of eggshells. Does my own irrational insecurities carefully place each mine, lying in wait? Sometimes I feel my grip on reality wavering. The fear lies in the corners of the mind. Silently approaching, raping what little self worth that is left. A prisoner in the battle of the psyche. Society never ceases to disappoint. Stabbing and devouring the morals that were once proclaimed to be true. If one breaks down the pieces to analyze under microscopic view it becomes more clear that the world has always been nothing more than a doomed realm of injustice. Do we build ourselves up for devastation by white knuckling ideal beliefs of mankind only to have societal venom spit back in ones face? How can one be berated for just vocalizing their truth but then have to grin and bare witness to the same line of spoken words but expected to be civilly composed? Heavy is the soul who carries on day in and day out dragging bewilderment. Why must we continue in this vain existence?

2 years ago

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