THESE 5 BOYS WON'T LEAVE ME ALONE, HOW DO I GET THEM TO STOP? So, It started when I moved into my new school and I literally had no friends so I would just hang out by myself. I was chillin at lunch doing nothing and these boys came up to me. I thought I was gonna get bullied bc they look like they bully people. Then they started asking me random ass questions like, where I'm from, why I moved to their school. I didn't really care about the questions but they we're hella annoying and wouldn't leave me alone. Then months went by and I found myself always with them. They'd always be with me and even sleep on me at break time. They hugged me like I'm their little sister, and would force me to sit with them. 2 of them were twins and they'd make me sit in-between them. Some of the other boys would ask me to sit on them. They bought me food and even gave me their food. I just ignored them until they got tired of me. Although they were annoying asf, but I'm actually more then grateful for them. They helped me out a lot with school work and didn't make me feel lonely. They wouldn't talk much and just lay beside me when I sit in the hallway. I pasted most of my tests bc of them. Since I was the 'new girl', I tend to get people saying that I shouldn't have come to this school or like I don't belong here. But the boys were the only once that made me feel welcomed in a way, They even tell the other people off for saying those things. Other girls were extra rude to me tho bc apparently they liked one of them and they thought I was stealing their mans. CHILE- People also started thinking I was in a weird gang bang group or sum shit. I started to avoid them so these rumors could clear up. They would go around looking for me all the time. When they find me they'd look sad and tell me to stop running away. I started thinking they were a bunch of weirdos that were obsessed with me. I'd like to be left alone sometimes but no I feel like I'm the mother to these baboons. How do I tell them to go away?

2 years ago

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