you see why is this so fucking hard? I can informally write that I want to off myself on a shitty Instagram post but when I finally try to rant I can't get a single word out? you have no idea how hard this is. I just want to tell someone that every time I look at my friend I want to kill myself because I know they are so much better than I will ever be and I know that they don't need me anymore because they moved onto their next phase of a friend. you see they do that they go from one person to another telling them everything and they make deep connections with them and then leave them but this time it was not them it was me in the mess that ruined one of the only friendships that were ever worthwhile. what if I'm just worried about them, they give people their heart and then they take it back. they just fucking take back everything they have said to them. but I think I just hate myself so much that seeing them smile makes me feel like ill never reach what they have. kk thats all see you guys never

1 year ago

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