i think EXTREMELY existentially. i went thru a very low point in my life and now i can’t see life the same. We’re all just animals that went thru evolution and thru communication we evolved and took over the world. we’re the lucky ones who basically enslaved all other life forms on earth and we’ve created a false reality with our advancements. Instead of adapting to nature like we’re intended, we’re adapting to the world we’ve created. an example could be that humans have lost their body hair because we have control of the temperature in our houses due to the invention of ac units. no more harsh winters = no more need for body hair. not saying ac units is a bad thing but just saying we’ve literally changed our evolution because we’ve advanced too much. money is fake and has become so powerful to a point where it’s our downfall. humans follow so blindly and its so sad to see people except this reality. the world is gonna end someday and its going to be humanity’s fault. i see humanity as a virus, because truly, it is. if you look at it at the universe’s standpoint we are a virus and we’ve completed our duty of taking over our host. there is so much more to my thought and to the complexity of this idea but honestly cannot put it into the right words for others to TRULY understand what i mean. but hey thats how it always is

1 year ago

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