I'm annoyed by masking policies in public, though maybe I'm slightly hypocritical. I work in healthcare and think its prudent to wear them here. If you break our policy behind my back, I'll throw you out, WHICH I DID TODAY TO SOMEONE. I appreciate that masks can help stop Covid. Still, I'm seeing businesses and museum etc bring masks back and I'm like "If you're vaccinated (like me) and too afraid to go anywhere that's not a hospital etc, not my problem". Now I won't boycott based on the masking rule, and I won't walk in unmasked and throw a fit, because I think it is childish to be overly upset by a piece of cloth, but I also believe we have to move on at some point. If you're not a healthcare building, lets go with local guidelines. Anybody who wanted the vaccine got it, and its not my fault if somebody else in there didn't get it and I pass it to them. They made their call.

1 year ago

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