My ex bf is weird. So like when we were together I treated him like shit. I was emotionally abusive towards him, took advantage of him when all he wanted for me was to be happy. So we have a little group of friends, ever since I dumped him things were sorta weird. He’s a really introverted person he’s never the one to plan days or invite he just always goes with whatever happens. So we all schedule a day go out and eat and I pull him aside and apologize to him for everything. Everything he said was reasonable and true. I told him I want to change as a person and he said until he sees that change in me he’s not going to do anything. He also said that he really doesn’t care how things are between him and I, and that I’m the one who has to change his mind. So, after that we talked a little each week, he never seemed eager to speak with me rightfully so. But one of his friends tells me, about how he somehow got him to vent. It’s impossible to get him to talk about his feelings so I was impressed. He was like “He said that ever since you talked to him you’ve been on his mind, and he cares so much about you and how you feel he just doesn’t want you think that he does” Wow. So on my birthday he gave me 200 bucks so like he obviously still cares. Why won’t he just tell me he cares?! Why is he so afraid to show his emotions? I guess he has different ways of saying he cares, he’s always been like that. Like he’ll never say he’s sorry, instead he’ll always buy you something. He’s just weird like that.

1 year ago

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