So, I’ve been driving for a couple years, and when I started driving, I got an absolute shit box of a car, which I still have. However, my younger sister recently started driving, and now that she is 16, she just got a car for her 16th birthday. For reference, my car is a VERY previously owned (stereo system is fucked, brakes are sketch, dented, rusting, it covers all of the shitbox bases) car. Hers is a much newer Dodge Avenger, and its got a touch screen and bluetooth and heated seats. What makes it worse is she’s constantly bragging about how much better her car is and how our parents love her much more. It makes me angry, and I just wanted to rant about it. It just makes me sad, because my 18th is coming up, and I feel overlooked and it makes me sad. I know I should be thankful to have a car at all, and this must seem like a very 21st century problem, but it still makes me feel upset and overlooked, and I wanted to rant about it.

2 years ago

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