There we were. Me and my little cousin. I was 14 at the time and she was 9 but she looked much older. Her chest was flat but I love when a girl has a nice flat chest. I can never pass it up. We were alone together for the first time in months. My parents went on vacation with her parents and me and my sister were watching her for a few days. My sister went out for a party that night while my cousin and I were sitting on the couch watching It. Her parents would never have let her watch it but I wanted to give her a good time. About an hour into the movie, there was a big jump scare that scared her into my arms. She buried her head in my shoulder and put her hands on my chest. I could feel my dick getting hard and I could see down her shirt. Her almost non-existent tits there looking back at me. I couldn’t help my self. I moved one of my hands to cover my dick and put the other one on her ass and squeezed. She let out a sudden Yelp of surprise and pulled away fro me and asked what I was doing. I didn’t answer her and just pushed her down onto the floor and pinned her down by her wrists. I climbed on top of her and ripped off her shirt, exposing her tits. I bent down and kissed them as she asked again what I was doing. Still not answering I started to kiss her and was forcing my tongue down her throat as she started to cry which just turned me on more. I brought her up to my bedroom, her shirt staying on the floor and threw her down on my bed and took and rope to her and tied up her wrists and tied her to the bed before taking off her shorts and underwear. I went down on her and started to eat her out before putting my fingers in her tight virgin pussy. I kept pushing them in until I finally burst her cherry. I untied her and brought her to the bathroom and put her in the tub before turning on the water and washing her pussy clean of blood. When she was clean I took her back to my room and tied her up again and climbed on top of her before taking my hard dick out and putting it on her face right under her eyes. She let out a scream when it hit her and began to sob as I opened her mouth and forced my dick in. She began to use her tongue and suck on it as I put it in deeper until she started to gag on it when I felt pity and took it out. For a 9 year old she gave good head. I worked my way down to her pussy again and started to rub my dick against it as I was slapping her tits and kissing them. Slowly I began to force my dick in her as she started to scream in pain. I grabbed my underwear and stuffed them in her mouth. Her face was red and covered in tears but I didn’t care. I just needed to cum. I began to put my dick deeper in her as her virgin pussy spread open for my dick. I got it in as far as I could and began to thrust into her going harder and faster making her cry more and more. I began to choke her as I came as deep inside her pussy as I could. I pulled out with my cum flowing out after. I knew she was too young to get pregnant so I didn’t care. I kissed her again as I untied her. She thought I was done but there was one more thing I wanted to do to her. I flipped her over and tied her up again scratching her back as I went down to her tiny ass. I slapped it as hard as I could, a muffled scream coming out of her both times. I licked her asshole and pussy before putting my middle finger into her ass hole. She cried more which just made me push her limits more. I put three fingers in before taking my dick and shoving it up her ass. She passed out from the pain. I took the opportunity to untie her and fuck her as hard and fast as I wanted. I went for a few minutes before stopping and putting my hard and shit stained cock in her mouth while she was still unconscious and had her clean me off before I came on her face. I left her naked like that for a few hours until she woke up, complaining about a bad taste in her mouth. I smiled and walked her to the shower as I asked her what she remembered. She said nothing which made me smile again. I cleaned her up and took her to bed still naked. I’d get some clothes for her tomorrow morning but for tonight I was going to sleep with my naked cousin. To this day she doesn’t remember what happened and I can relive it over and over in my mind. The pleasure was so much better than consensual sex.

1 year ago

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