4th Amendment Faustian Bargain

Someone wrote a story once about a slave who steals some holiday ham and comes back with a stroke. A meal too good to be true. German lore is rife with stories of character that warns against bargaining with the devil. These third party people steal the ham and don't tell you where it came from, from the oppressor, is that wrong? Then there's the people who enable this sort of behavior purposefully because it benefits them and this is the church of Satan or something. Lets keep useful people around and repurpose that unused bicycle which isn't ours. What consent? Some poor sap hates the government and is willing to play the devil trespassing on your property to gain fruits of the poisonous tree while the government thinks they have the backstopping to get away with a two-for-none bargain enforcement disposing of both a fool in a devils costume for their own purposes and the other wayward sap who shouldn't have a poisonous tree to begin with that they can't legally get to. It's called 4th amendment search and seizure privacy protections for a reason. Everyone wins until someone loses, unless you like everyone losing from the beginning for no particular reason whatsoever. No, the government never loses. That lack of foresight defies logic beyond your comprehension. Nope, nobody listen to a word I just said.

11 months ago

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