Please put me in a fucking coma.

Why am I not good enough?.. Why was I born?.. I feel that I'm not loved...or even valid... Can someone just tell me something real!? I don't wanna die... I still have my friends... Right? I don't know what happens after you die... Life just isn't fair... My parents hate me... but I idolize them... They say they care but then they break their promises and hurt me some way... I live in a box... At this point I'm just a corpse, a living one... I can't eat or sleep like I used to... I just need a number to call... My life is a wreck and I'm only 10 years old... Oh and the worst part? I'm polysexual in a homophobic family! My lips are chapped, my arms are cut, my head is down, and nobody seems to notice... Or maybe they don't care.

1 year ago

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