red flags?

i am in a relationship with a guy of about 5.5 months now. there are a few things that i question that make this relationship worth it. i don't ask for much, but attention is one of the things i do ask for. it seems like no matter how many times i ask my boyfriend to make some changes, those changes never stick around long enough...and then i am back to where i started. at this point, i feel like im begging for his attention. we only see each other once a week, due to the fact of him not putting in enough effort TO see me. i am always the one asking about his schedule, and i get my hopes up just for him to create a reason why he cannot see me. and as i write that, i am now seeing that it is very much a red flag and i am continuing to put up with it. honestly, i don't even know why i put up with it. i have a few reasons why i don't want to let go, but each time he says something and does not follow through with it, a reason why i want to stay goes with it. And so here i am, sitting and writing this wondering if this relationship is worth it. i really don't know what i want anymore.

1 year ago

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