i can’t feel, no emotions, no pain, no anything, i’m losing reality. it scares me. i’m numb, i don’t want to be those way. i’m losing myself. i haven’t felt the same in weeks, ever since he left. it was a moment of happy, like a flash of light there one minute then all the sudden gone . i’ve never felt like that, i can’t blame you bc you didn’t know. how could you tell what’s constantly spinning in my mind. i wish it could’ve lasted longer, or maybe if it wouldn’t have started i would be better off. i’ve never felt that way about anyone, u changed my perspective. never felt so respected, your love was so directed. i still don’t feel the same. i don’t think i ever can. i miss what we had, the idea of you, not u. i’m better with out you. still my head got so caught up in emotions my brain just stopped. tired of cutting out the emotions i just want to feel something.

2 years ago

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