Life feels like it has lost all meaning. It's just an empty hole slowly opening more and more inside of me. I can't sleep, I keep zoning out and loosing focus, and my grades are dropping drastically. I've come to realize for myself that recently there is, and has not been a meaning to life. There is no meaning to life. Everything is a small task that means nothing, nothing, nothing at all. You go about your daily life, and then forget it within the next two hours. That just goes to show that it doesn't matter. People always say "Well I would miss you if you were gone!" I could have used that support before I wanted to die, not after. Unless you show me that I matter without having to confess how I'm feeling, I'm going to believe you after it. They say life is beautiful, and certain parts are, but not everything contains sunshine. Some things are just pure evil, an evil that we can't control. I simply can't see a meaning in life, and others trying to give it meaning definitely doesn't help. Everyday you repeat the exact same routine, completing small tasks, doing the same things, eating the same food, and it's all worthless. All for what? Knowledge that you will forget? Green pieces of paper, and metallic circles? What's the point of it? Currency? What will you really need that for? I just don't get it. I feel empty, and there is no meaning to life.

2 years ago

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