So I’m a teenage boy and for as long as I remember I’ve been straight, or at least told myself I was. Recently though I’ve found myself looking at/ thinking about a male friend differently, and I’ve gotten into gay or ts porn as well as straight. I feel like if I told any of my friends that they would laugh at me or take the piss or even stop talking to me, cause i feel like a lot of them aren’t that accepting I feel. What’s worse is that some part of me is convinced that I’m only thinking this for attention or validation, and that if I told people they would feel the same, because I think people would see it as a shock if I came out a bi. I don’t know when or how I could get it off my chest, and I never know what to do when sexuality is mentioned (or mocked), whether to keep quiet or tell them how it is. Thanks for reading and I hope you figure out whatever you’re on here for.

2 years ago

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