my mom mentally, verbally and physically abused me from a year old, till i was ten. she did drugs, had abusive partners that i had to watch beat her, chose men over me and so much more. i haven't lived with my mom since then, because i accidentally got DHR involved. yes, accidentally. that day, my mom had pushed me to my bed and strangled me till i cried and couldn't breathe over the clothes i was wearing ( i had refused to change repeatedly) just because she didn't like them. the clothes she had me wear were often revealing and she would cake makeup on my face. i changed, cried on the way to school till she told me "please be quiet and don't say anything. i was just an accident." yeah. well i went to the nurse because my neck hurt. i asked if i had marks on my neck and that worried her so she forced me to talk to the counselor. i was in fifth grade. though that's not the only reason that dhr was involved. she got caught with drugs in her bra while she was trying to get me from school one day. :/ and uh. warrents and stuff. (i'm now fifteen). i'm still mentally abused and she attempts to manipulate me to this day through text and when i visit her from time to time. she still plays the victim. and people still have a hard time believing that women can be abusers. what a fucking shame. just needed to vent, thanks for coming to my ranbally ted talk.

2 years ago

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