I think i have DID or OSDD. This recently came to light when i was telling my friends about my music and how I only play one playlist around them, which they told me was wrong. Now, to start off, the friend I told IS a system (they havent been fortunate enough to get a professional diagnosis but you can tell 100%) Ive had multiple instances where ive dissociated and then my rooms been clean when i ‘come to’ or ive had random playlists pop up on my spotify and I dont have any recollection of making them. Now My friends have told me an alter has intoduced himself, and the main issue im having thats keeping me from being like okay its probably that is I can remember bits of the conversation from when he was out. It felt more like me watching what was happening then actually being there, but i dont wanna just jump on it and be like “yes this is what it is” My memory is horrible and i show so many symptoms of it but Im just scared Ig. Any advice?

2 years ago

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