Dear universe, today I am hurt. I got in a car crash but I didnt tell anyone. My friend who was driving that day got it worse so I feel guilty about being hurt. Thats not the point of this letter though. I am hurt, stressed, and yet all at the same time I feel nothing. Im stressed because i have been trying to shift for a long period of time, and so far I have only gotten 6 seconds into my dr. Im scared that im never going to shift. I dont want to lose the little motivation and hope I have to shift. I dont want to do anything embarrassing when I do shift. I want to be able to shift. Im going to shift, I know I am. Im being impatient even though I know im going to shift soon. I KNOW THIS ALREADY. I want to be able to talk to my favorite characters and feel something I want to be able to jump of a roof and then catch myself and fly away to places ive never been. Sparring with bakugou and pinning him down. Saying funny smarky comments whenever he inevitably calls me a bitch. Flying with hawks as I ask him how he became a hero. Then being dramatic by getting injured majorly and having class 1-A all meet me in the hospital. And then I got kidnapped by the LOV and they treated me nice and I really felt at home. Only to find out that toga and I are long lost siblings that never got to meet because I was taken by a laboratory where they experimented on people. I felt the adrenaline of using my quirk and flying through the air like nothing matters. And then todoroki and I sneak out late at night to investigate the hospital the doctor found me in. Thank you for letting me shift universe.

2 years ago

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