In this dammed ass shit world, You either live or you die, that’s it. Either live your life miserable or live it fun. You still fucking die, and guess what, nobody gives an absolute flying fuck about you. Because every living human being on earth is a fucking lying son of a selfish motherfucker, who’s just trying to do shit for a living. Because for some fucking reason our own human stupidity has set boundaries to incredibly stupid ass fucking things. Life isn’t fucking fair, if your grandma died, nobody would give a fuck, unless it was their grandma, In this life people DONT care about you. You are just another side character in their view of perspective. So what, that girl next to you insulted you years ago. She dosent give a FUCK about you, by now she’s probably have forgotten. Because all people do is feed off of others, you are just another living energy source to fill up their own fucking ego. So time to fucking stop giving a fuck and do what the fuck you want to do in life. Because in this world you are just a another life vessel that roams this lifeless sucking shitty earth. So start doing the things you fucking want to do, change something, invent something, wear something, cut your hair, dye it orange, yellow etc. Make a cake, go on the most stupidest and craziest rides, do things you would have NEVER done. Become what YOU want to become Because in the end, you’ll die knowing, you ended up doing the things that made you happy. So forget about insecurities, insults, etc, because these bad people too will forget about you, they don’t care and these people will die too. So fuck it, go do something for a change I love you

1 year ago

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