don’t even know how i found this website just needed to spill my feelings and now here i am, not many people like to hear about my problems or what’s going on in my life & if you don’t want to either then that’s fine. right now i’m led in bed after having a massive breakdown i was sat on a live with my friends on an app and we wasn’t doing anything wrong just joking around with one another and then about 5/6 people joined and started targeting us calling us names telling us to get raped & i was so disgusted by what they was saying and that it was aimed at me made me feel like i just didn’t belong they started saying i looked and sounded like a man now i don’t even want to speak i don’t even want to look at myself in the mirror or the camera off my phone and i know i shouldn’t take notice to what people say but it’s hard not too when there saying things like that to you. but even before all this my night just wasn’t going to plan i had been messaging some boy i had recently been seeing since he added me back & everything was going completely fine till he brought up about me hurting him & i get that i was in the wrong for hurting him and the things i said wasn’t fair but he had said some pretty hurtful things too, i really liked this boy he made me feel so special and i relayed on him & that’s where everything went wrong you shouldn’t rely on anyone because in the world we live in now we only really have ourselves no matter how special someone makes you feel or how much they love you it doesn’t matter because they somehow always let you down one way or another. i’m now taking time off social media and focusing on myself i need to learn how to love myself again and how to care for myself and to not listen to what people say. i am going to be a strong independent girl again, and nobody is going to stop me!

2 years ago

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