Ex boyfriend’s brother Update.

A few weeks ago I wrote something here titled “I sort of like my ex boyfriend’s brother” . I really needed help and one comment said to just let things happen on its own so I did. We kept texting everyday and talking and one day he kept asking me to come outside but I wasn’t home every time he would ask. When I saw him passing by I went out and we just started hanging out for a while until he left and told me that he was coming back. Later that night we were just driving around and we were gunna go eat but we were too tired, we were just there inside the car talking when all of us sudden he kissed me! I know this might sound kind of odd but it felt right it didn’t feel weird or anything . He confessed how he used to like me but didn’t ask me out because his brother had done so first. He said his brother knew he liked me and still decided to ask me out. He said how things have been going well between us without people knowing we talk which I agree. We haven’t been able to hang out since that day. I can’t go over to his house because like I said he’s my ex boyfriend’s brother if someone were to see me it would be awkward and he can’t come over to mine because my mom is always around. We agreed to keep things on the low until we find a way to tell people (especially his brothers) that we are talking to each other. He told me he got in an argument with one of his brothers (my ex) and that he said to go with his sloppy seconds( which is clearly me) I don’t think they have spoken since then and I didn’t want him to have any bad blood with his brother so I asked if he still wanted to hang out with me after what his brother said and he said that we should just let people find out that we are talking on their own. We haven’t really talked as much as I’d like and I want to hang out with him but I feel like I might get annoying if I keep asking him. What should I do? I really like him and I want to spend more time with him. How can I tell if he is still interested?

1 year ago

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