I have no one to talk to so here it goes. Ever since i was a child my life feels like its falling apart. My dad nearly died when i was 3, my grandma died when i was young and my grandparents both died when i was 9/10. I was on the spectrum of adhd which made home life so much difficult. Constant arguments and drama weakening relationships between me ans my parents. During this time my little sister was born. Up until about just over a yer ago she has been completely fine but since then my world has flipped. While going through a pandemic she began to have major outbursts and became more aggressive. The doctors beliebe she has autism and anxiety. This makes it so difficult ans i jjsy cant deal with it. She can be okau one minute qnd the next shes attacking u screaming at u accusing u of things u havent even done ans having sudden outbursts. She never wqnts to sleep at night which causes everyone in the house lqck of sleep and weakens my relationship with mu mum and dad as we are always arguing. I feel bad for my neighbours abd eveeyone around. Its driving me crazy being here. I jusy want to help my sistee but i dont know how. I have no purpose in life at the minute qnd i dont lnow what to do.

1 year ago

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