I’ve know my boyfriend for 6 months. Before we started dating people had remarks about how he was a jerk and how he was your “typical athlete”. I, had the opportunity to asked out by him to go skiing. It was an amazing time. We started dating right away. We would hang out every week, facetime, and he just would make me so happy. About 3 months in, we started doing a bit more, I remember giving him his first handjob and he loved it. Of course. I was honestly fine with it. I liked seeing him super happy. He used to just grab my face and kiss me over and over. And then one day, after my birthday something went wrong. I still don’t know what happened, but something happened he seemed sadder, un-interested. I remember trying to ask him what’s wrong and he would never tell me. I remember he fingered me for the first time. He wasn’t that good at it but I still wanted to make him feel good. And I remember giving him a blowjob like a few weeks ago. I asked him if he was ok with it he told me again and again “yes of course I am” and after that, It’s been weird. I feel a distance from him. I’ve distanced myself from him. I’ve tried to be a good girlfriend, tried time and time again to make him happy. I write him letters and love notes. I leave little notes in his room. And one time I saw one in his trash. Today, we were supposed to hang out. I had a interview i at home and he would come and wait for like 30 mins. He thought it was at the store where I was applying and I told him it wasn’t and we will talk later in person. I then get a text from him saying he went home because he felt sick. Then, an hour later he said he was fine. I had a gut feeling, a gut feeling that, that wasn’t the only case. When I asked him, he said that it would never be like that he would never do that. He says he wants to hang out tomorrow but, what if he’s “sick” again? What should I do? I’ve known this boy for 6 months I love him so much he really brought me out of a dark place and he’s made me so happy. I want to have the old spark we used to have when we were dating. But I don’t know what to do. Should I say something to him or not?

2 years ago

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