Seven months ago my ex fiancé and I broke up. It’s been the worst 7 months of my life. Everyday I’m trying to heal and when it feels like I’ve taken a step forwards then suddenly it’s like I take 2 steps back. He put me out of the house we lived in together for 3 yrs. As a result my children are separated and my 3 yr old son (our son) is staying with him and me and my 6 yr old son have been going back and forth between my mom and sister’s house living with them. I’m not used to not having my 3 yr old son with me as I’ve taken care of him and been with him since he was born. My ex fiancé has been extremely cold and heartless towards me. During our relationship we struggled to agree on lots of things and our ways of communicating and thinking were way more different than we thought. He blamed me for the way things happened and has pretty much turned against me. But I felt as though we both had a part in the failure of our relationship. Now it’s been 7 months later and he has revealed to me that he’s been seeing another woman and she is pregnant though he has kept in contact with me everyday. And as I sit here and type this my heart feels broken all over again. I just needed to let this all out somewhere because the heaviness in my heart is quite difficult to deal with most days. I feel very alone and just sad all the time. Please pray for me to overcome this situation so that I can move on with my life and find happiness again.

2 years ago

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