I was a counseling intern at a SUD treatment center a few years ago and had an instant connection with one of the participants. Instant meaning as soon as I saw him and before he even spoke. He said it was the same for him (he shared this with me first, long after we first met). He was there a few months. During that time I got to know him better and before he left, he asked me to find him on FB, which I did a few weeks later. We've been carrying on a relationship ever since, which resulted in us falling in love, over email, because he spent time in prison after leaving treatment. He's now out of prison, living with some woman from his past, which drives me nuts, because she's weird and doesn't take care of him properly. I visited him a few weeks ago, for the first time. It's the first time we've ever touched. We had sex and hugged each other like we'd never get the chance to touch each other again. Which might be true since he's possibly facing more prison time for another old charge. I desperately want to be with him, now and forever, but he struggles to stay clean and sober, and I can't live with an active alcoholic and addict. It breaks my heart every time he chooses to use over getting help, because that means he's choosing to live with his addiction rather than to live with me. Anyway, this is my love letter to him to share with the world that I am not ashamed of him or my love for him. There are reasons why I can't openly share our relationship at this point, which he knows. I just want to ask him to not give up on us while we navigate the complexities. My sweet love, I have known you for many lifetimes, and I will know you for many more. You are my soulmate and my twin flame. Please stay with me forever, until the end of time. I love and miss you. I'm so in love with you. I need to see you again soon. Mwah, Kitten.

2 years ago

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