I was crying in my closet and my grandma just starts yelling for me yeah it took me a few minutes to get myself together and try to look like nothing happened and when I came in the room she got mad at me because I took to long when in reality I only took like 1-2 minutes and we were going to go do something that she said she would do with me but since I took to long she didn't want to anymore and I told her that I was crying and trying to get myself together and that my reason for crying was stupid but they never listen to me or try to let me explain myself they never even ask me what's wrong or why I feel the way I do they think every time I cry its because I'm a baby and it makes me want to hurt myself but I don't but then when I didn't answer her she came up to me went up to my face and threatened to slap me in my face and when I flinched she didn't care. she never cares she always does this but I love her so I don't do anything about it my family would never forgive me and I feel so helpless I feel like leaving forever theres no point in being here at all

2 years ago

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