As I read this I am reminded of how many people are hurting I mean HURTING! I am not exempt from problems which reminds me I am a failure everyday! I intended to write details on this but as I read these posts I realize I am no different than you all .. that makes me sad and eye opening in another way I’ve never realized before. May God put his hands on all of us and guide us through the deep valleys and show the way out with an exposed new and different life. That may be finding friendships , restoring body image to gain confidence or find someone who will listen to you and help you financially get on track. My heart breaks for all of you who have deep broken hearts!!! You have to experience pain to help others .. please remember that there is a lesson to whatever you are going through and that one day you will be able to feel empathy to help another. You won’t see it now but God will get you out of the rut you are in !!! It may not be in your timing but he will!

2 years ago

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