fuck i just wanna die but i know i cant ask for that, i just dont want him to be sad but sometimes he really gets on my nerves but i keep quiet since he will overthink and at the end he will say something like 'i should just die' in the end, hes the one whos upset and thinks that all of the problems were his fault. what if this keeps continuing and i will lose him eventually? i am not saying that i have to get out of this thing but i really wish hes more mature in handling things. hes hurting me and he will never notices that. im the type who wont tell anyone my problems and wishes someone will notice my hints but hes the one who will not notice them. like why is it so hard? are my hints not noticeable? i dont think so. i really hate things like this to keep going and i hope someday it will stop. he just needs to be mature and thats all i ask for. btw im sorry for my broken english. (if only someone ever reads this)

2 years ago

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