Is it a mystery?

It's all a mystery to me, life, future, love, career.. everything seems like a mystery with lots of uncertainties. It's like a magical world of amusement park, full of unknown yet adventurous rides, yet to discover, like I'm just standing at the gate of this park and have had only 2 or 3 rides. It's a long road to go, with too many adventures, some scary, some smooth, some asks for too much courage while some gives time to relax and think more. But isn't it all connected? The previous adventures that I already had, got me into practice. Practice of getting ready before the next ride, to be able to gather up some good courage and to use the coping strategy learnt from the previous ride, to manage the dopamine surge during the scary yet wonderous adventure. Isn't it all too much connected? Whatever we are going through right now is making us stronger and readier for the next adventure yet to come. -Mighty.Soul

1 year ago

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