TW: mention of su*cide I witnessed my brother having sex with his male best friend 2 years ago. My brother who was also married to a woman whom I was close friend with, had a family and always told me he was straight. He implored me not to tell anyone about what happened as he confessed he was in love with his friend. I promised him. He killed himself some months later and since then I've never told anyone what happened, not even his grieving wife and my two nephews. I don't think I can ever tell them, nor do I know how to continue bearing this secret. It would hurt them more than anything. I feel terrible and I'm probably just going to keep going like nothing ever happened, as his best friend hasn't contacted me or my family since the incident. I wish I wouldn't have known and, at the same time, I wish I would've known earlier and be able to comfort him. To make him know he wasn't alone. I'm still friend with his wife, seeing her everyday, and I feel like I'm betraying her every time I hug her.

1 year ago

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