I'm male, married, in my early 50s, and I've been working in my profession for about 23 years now. About 10 years ago we hired a new technology manager, and although attractive he always seemed very stand-offish/cold, but we got along ok. He's younger than me, fairly good looking in a nerdy sort of way, with a nice build. During the pandemic last year while most everyone was working from home, I got permission to return months before most did. I got used to working alone and I also got into the habit of watching porn and jacking off in my office. I didn't see the harm in it. Once everyone returned I pretty much stopped doing that unless I was alone in the building. But, now and then...I needed to take a break and peruse some sites here and there. I love how many guys created OnlyFans accounts during lockdown, and if I run across someone I like I love to deep dive and find out everything I can about them. My most recent discovery turned out to be...our technology manager! For the last month or so, I've search and downloaded every photo and video I could of him. I can't even say how many loads I've shot watching him. On Monday, he called me and asked me to come down to his office. I knew what it was about. My internet activity was discovered. He told me that my internet history was flagged and that it was ground for termination. I admitted that I had been looking at porn, and asked if he knew what I'd been looking at. He mentioned several sites, google search history, etc. - but didn't mention specifics. I pulled out my phone, loaded my media application, and handed it to him. His face turned WHITE when he saw pictures and videos of himself. The silence was deafening. He finally handed my phone back to me and asked me to delete them and we could forget this happened. I just said "No," that I greatly enjoyed them and wanted to continue collecting them - but I'd keep it to myself if we could come to an "arrangement." He asked what I wanted, and I told him that I wanted him. I enjoyed the pictures and loved the videos of him jacking off...but I also wanted to experience it in real life. He said no at first, telling me that he wasn't gay...and he just had an onlyfans to make extra cash. I pressed a little, saying that if he didn't like it it could just be the once. He finally agreed to try receiving head from me as long as I stayed dressed, and he was blindfolded. I sucked him off for the first time yesterday afternoon. When everyone else left around 4, I went down to his office and closed and locked his door. As agreed, he stripped completely naked while I stayed dressed. He tied a neck tie around his eyes, leaned back in his office chair with one leg propped up on his desk. It took a few minutes for him to get hard but he finally did. Once I was sure he was enjoying himself, I went to work on his balls as well. He's in his 30s, naturally athletically built, hairy, and uncut. He was very quiet but breathing hard while I serviced his cock and balls. His cock was rigid! I took a risk and raised his other leg, and before he could resist too much I gave his hairy asshole a long lick. He screamed and lurched....but I decided to keep going. I told him to be still. I rimmed his asshole thoroughly and returned to sucking on his balls....then his cock...rotating between cock, balls, and asshole. He didn't last long and tried to get me off his cock when he started to cum, but I refused...burying my mouth to the pubes and enjoying feeling his cock pulse and his load coat my mouth. I remained lodged on him until his cock softened. He was heaving and gasping when I finally released him. I told him to keep his blindfold on until I was gone. As I was leaving, I told him that next time I was going to slide a finger up his ass while I sucked him off "on Friday." I can't wait until tomorrow.

1 year ago

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