im really sad lol. i feel like no one loves me anymore, and that im just useless around my family. my mom yells at me for every little thing i do, even when im not in the wrong. my dad never shows affection and doesnt care about anything i do. i think the only reason im living right now is because my pets need an owner to feed them lol, and that makes it worth it. idk if that should be a reason, but hey living is aLwAyS better than dying. i contemplate death a lot, but im so scared of it the more i think about it, self-harm is probably the answer to most of my problems too, and idk how to stop. the only thing i look forward to everyday is going to bed, and just laying there, thinking lifelessly because it makes me feel better even if i do just cry throughout the entire night. it feels nice to cry, but lately i can't cry anymore. i dont know why but i doubt it's because im happy. i just want a break from life, just for a bit. not an eternal death, not a super productive day, just a small break. please.

1 year ago

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