My friends think I’m stupid but I’m not. I down play my intelligence to fit in and make them feel better but they genuinely believe I’m stupid. I didn’t really realise the impact of validating my iq was until a teacher who conveniently also thinks I’m dumb saw me teach a kid in a younger year about how to write an introduction to a scientific report and showed him mine from a student research project from last year. Im it I went into real depth on the chemicals that cause different emotions. She was genuinely shocked and really congratulated me on it. It’s been so long since someone has truly acknowledged me behind my “dumb” facade. It made me so proud. Then I went to my next class where my best friend told a dude that I thought Ned Kelly’s helmet was a bucket. I’m Australian, of course I know Ned Kelly’s helmet isn’t a fucking bucket. The worst part is there’s a little part of me that just wants to bring that smart version of me out but I’ve been shamed before about trying to “sound smart when I’m not”.

1 year ago

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