I have this "friend" I met from my best friend. We acted we hated each other and it was all really fun and we were all having a good time. Today they asked if they could vent to someone and I know the pain of getting ignored by your friends because everyone deserves to get heard and it's really painful when you want to let it out and they respond with "oop". So I replied immediately and said "Yeah sure, go ahead." They then responded with "haha lol idk if i trust you yet sorry". I thought we were friends seriously, we celebrated each others birthdays and kept each other company when everyone else was sleeping. All I could do was send a low quality video of a triangle dancing to a crappy song and cry over my phone. I'm usually the one to remain so happy over texting my life seems so perfect but I'm always so happy because I'm so sad I don't want to vent so much my friends hate me. Everyone else acts like it's okay but it really isn't.

2 years ago

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