Ummm… my husband is not emotionally available & no matter what I do he does not allow himself to be vulnerable with me. It doesn’t matter. I feel trapped and controlled because I’m a stay at home homeschool mom & he doesn’t want our kids in school but he wants me to work. He’s obsessed with money & refuses to spend money to support the materials to homeschool our children. When I mention working outside of the home he gets an attitude & insists that I need to locate a job online, which I’ve never had luck with. If I mention anything about money he becomes upset and distant . Although he makes a six figure salary. 🤔 We do not have a car note only a mortgage. He refuses to get home repairs. He refuses to give me money outside of grocery… which he gives a credit card & he tracks every item so anything outside of food is an argument what adult needs a new pair of shoes or a new coat 😫& if the kids need anything he questions why.. like their pants are dang near their knees… their pajamas have holes in them. He has not an ounce of feeling bad for being cheap and demands the house is spotless with kids being kids so how can I have a perfect house when they are home all day everyday because they are homeschooled . If I ask for a cheat meal, where I grab something other than what I cook it’s an argument… I prepare three meals a day for three people plus another meal for four people & on the weekends it’s three meals for four people… I don’t understand the reasoning behind punishing me for doing everything he asks of me. I’ve lost my livelihood for his satisfaction. I’m scared to leave because he has the money and I have nothing. He has made it clear that I don’t own anything & I’m essentially homeless but I’m married to him… he’s extremely negative but my fear will not allow me to move forward along with him saying he wants our children to have both of their parents under one roof but there is no love for each other only our kids… what are our kids learning about relationships with our toxicity? I’ve asked countless times how he feels about our relationship & he’s made it clear, I’m here for the kids… I want my marriage to work so bad. I’m just drained… 😭😭😭 his phone is on lock he claims he’s fishing every weekend & he leaves out with a boat so, I guess he’s actually fishing. But Is he having an affair 🤔 how would I know when I cannot look at his phone. He talks financial business with his sister and does not include me with knowing anything because why should I know anything because I make no money to contribute!! #emotionallydrained #relationshipadvice

2 years ago

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