vent =)

im not comfortable being at home at all, i dont even know if i can call it home, the only thing im excited to go to school is that i can be 6+ hours out of my house. whenever i go back i lose all my happiness. Now this might look like attentions seeking but i seriously dont know how to explain my feelings in words, i though i can tell my family at least about my dreams and goals but they just made fun of it, and told me that i have no chance, or i cant even do this or that. They make me feel like im going to end up like a disappointment and im really ashamed of myself. ive been trying to work on my self because i feel like literal shit. what am i gonna do? im at least trying my best at school, but am i going to end up like what everyone expects me to be? im just trying to find an answer and reason to live. but i apologize that im not making it to the end

1 year ago

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