I’ve never hated someone as much as I hate you man. I can’t believe you did what you did. The cheating, lying, and hiding it… you were living under MY roof. I fed you, gave you a place to keep all your belongings, a place to sleep, shower, call home. You decided to do me dirty. Let’s not forget all the times you put your hands on me. You threw me out of a truck and then guilt tripped me into staying when all I wanted to do was leave. You dropped me off on the side of the road and I had no idea where I was. You locked me in your truck with you and i didn’t know where we were all bc YOU cheated. Let’s not forget the time you ate a hang full of pills in front of me after you put your hands on me to prove that you were a pos?? How ab the time you hit me for being in pain and not wanting sex. Let’s most definitely not forget about the time you forced me to have sex with you and ignored my crying then refused to take me home after????? I stayed for over a year. I waited for the change. I put you back together. I did everything and even more. I wish god would’ve let me have it easy but apparently everyones gonna believe your words and not mine. But all I really want is an I’m sorry. I want you acknowledge all of your actions. I want you to feel the pain I’ve been through. I want karma to literally bite you in the ass man. Your a pedo. You were grown doing this shit to a 15/16 y/o. You took advantage of me. You did me so dirty. Like fuck bro and your ugly. How tf I let an ugly ass man abuse me. God I hate you man. I failed school because of you. I quit jobs to make you happy. I cried in my shower so you wouldn’t hurt me more. Like no matter how hard I try I’ll never forget how you made me feel. All of my emotions were gone. I pretended to be the girl you wanted for over a year. Now she’s gone and you don’t like it 😂✋. But that fine bc now I’m me. I’m opening up. I’m talking about what you did. YOU CANT SILENCE ME. I personally see my self as a survivor you could have killed me like the 1000 of times you said you would.

1 year ago

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