You never know You never know what someone is going through you don’t you look and say oh well that person is a stoner or oh that’s a pick me girl but my story is not going to stay hidden forever I am 13 years old and struggling dose anyone know that NO if people knew that they would look at me differently bc I am happily sitting in the back of the class room hear people talk abt me but all I can say is hey lift up my sleeves and look WHAT IS ON MY LEGS STOMACH WRIST YOU FONT KNOW but when can I do that the reality is WTF I can’t just say that I am supposed to be ashamed and hide them and I do I sit here every night self harming but dose the outside world know that no they don’t and I’d like to be cutting Rn but instead I am SITTING ON A FUCKING WEB SITE SHARING MY FEELINGS CAUS I CAN WITTH MY PARENTS I bet my dad dose not know the real reason I asked for a knife so there now you can be put in my shoes not stop being the rude ass bitch you could be and understand that NOT EVERYONE IS OK MABEY WE DONT FEEL SAFE I have a fear I will get raped agien SO FUCK OFF IF YOU ARE GUNNA DO THAT thank you 😊

2 years ago

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