I am currently a high schooler. When I was in elementary school I got suspended for one day. I am a good student, I get all A’s, I am involved, and I don’t cause problems at school. However I made a stupid mistake in 5th grade that still haunts me to this day. All I did was steal something like a eraser from a teacher, and I don’t even know why I did it. It is not what i did that I think about, it is more about the title of getting suspended from school. Even my friends I have now, I have never told them. I worry everyday if somehow my teachers know, or kids from my school that went to my elementary school knows. Every once in a while I talk with some kids at school, one person asks me if I have been suspended. I ask them why they ask that, and they said that someone had told them that I had. I try to laugh it off and say that I never got suspended. I lie and say that I just got in trouble instead. I feel sick even thinking about it. Is this normal? Am I just overthinking it all? I wish that this whole thing was a dream and that it never even happened.

1 year ago

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