All Janet can think about is the word “change” The definition of change is to “make someone or something different; alter or modify. Or to replace something with something else, especially something of the same kind that is newer or better; substitute one thing for another.” Meaning if someone is asked to change they are being asked to replace something about themselves with something newer or better. They are being asked to alter or modify something about themselves. One of Janet's friends said “I prefer to be judged for being real, than loved for being fake.” But the thing is you have to be fake, you have to change, in order to be loved. In order to be truly loved you can’t be yourself. Everyone is constantly changing. Changing their opinions, aesthetic, and interests. Over time most people will change just about everything about themselves. Most people change for others. Janet isn’t saying that change is bad, change is fantastic. Everyone should change daily. Hopefully, change for themselves and for the better. But how much should people change? How much should people be willing to change for love and friendship? When you change you lose a part of yourself and add a part for someone else. At the end of the day how much of yourself do you have left? How much of yourself will you allow yourself to be? How much have you thrown away for others? If someone asks you to change what they are saying is that you are imperfect and that if you were better you would be loved.

2 years ago

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