I can't sugar coat this.... there isn't a way to say this nicely, I'm not a victim, not this time. I cheated on my boyfriend of 5 years with my boss, not just once, several times. It's more than a physical relationship, we share feelings and thoughts that either of us have never (or so he tells me) felt with anyone else. He is married and I'm in a relationship, what the heck am I doing! I've been in bad relationships before, the one I'm in isn't physically or mentally bad but it's not good either, it's no excuse, I'm not looking for sympathy or empathy, I just needed to say it out loud so to speak. The other man is so complex, but so am I, there is just a fire we have both found in each other that I didn't know existed. I already know I'm a bad person for doing this and I have sullied my own soul and morals for continuing it as long as I have. I've got a lot of decisions to make I know ..... and I'd be the first to tell anyone else that a "Married mad never leaves, what are you doing??" My head is so messed up and I'm so scared of making the wrong decision....the other man also scares me a little as he isn't good at taking no for an answer..... in short I am an awful person and am pleading for someone to forgive me and give me another chance

2 years ago

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