I'm too loveable, which is exactly why I fucking hate everyone. I'm attractive, I'm smart, I'm talented, I'm fucking perfect, genuinely, but I just feel too perfect. I feel like people only hang around me because they wanna see if I'm really as put together and perfect as I seem. Spoiler alert: I'm not. I have major fucking trust issues, so much so that I cant even leave my room without doing a full fucking rundown of the place and without setting up these small pieces of string that only I know about, and that if walked through, will break without the person walking on them noticing. I'm also just a fucking asshole; Okay, not really, but everyone thinks I am. I'm an INTP (Myers Briggs) personality type, which shows through my lack of ability to detect emotions. When people tell me their problems I tell them the solution instead of helping them work through it, and it makes everyone think I fucking suck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Idk where I was going witht his. THis was stream of conscience and it's confusing as fuck soryy. And now my grammar and typing abilitu are getting hsittier and shitter becaus ei M trying to speedrun this because I needs to go do shit with my pathetic fuckin gng lifefjeakf . FUck. fjjd s;bue. Ggyey. hfjd have a love;ly fucking jd day.

2 years ago

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