Role model

I would say that you are a good role model to my daughter, to a certain extent. But u have to realize, that one reason that she allows her so call boyfriend to do the things that he does is because she justifies as being ok. She see how I treat you and says, "well if my mom allows it, then it must be ok." No it's not ok. And I wish she would just drop that bomb ass niggah. He's my granddaughter sperm donor. That's about it. That niggah ain't shyt. She's gonna continue to let down by him until she can realize in her own that he is doing his thang in Georgia and that he could care less about her and her child. Do you want her to continue to go thru that? Or will you be woman enough to tell her that she deserves better. I deserve better. You deserve better.

1 year ago

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