I’ve been struggling with stress eating so much for basically my whole life I’ve gotten it better under control but a lot of my stress comes from how I see my self I get stressed out about my habits and think if people don’t talk to me they hate me even if they are just busy but it stresses me out to think people I’ve known for so long hating me because I love them be they family or friends or even someone I really like I stress about so much and if I’m not distracting my self from my own mind then everything feels loud somethings and that my thoughts are shouting at me and my thoughts gumble up into a big mess a storm a sea or what ever ealse you could call it of thoughts and it’s so hard to always focus on one thing or remeber things and my thoughts stress me out and I feel stressed haveing to wait more months to see a psychiatrist for stress and depression medication and maybe even medication for my adhd to help slow me down so I don’t have to be everywhere mentally on every note I think of of every idea or topic so I don’t have to talk so damn much so I don’t have to do so much stuff it just stresses me out not haveing enough quite time to myself all I want is my mind to shut up or at least shut the world away for a bit so I can be in peace and quiet and be able to think of one thing at a time and not jump around to thing to thing

1 year ago

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