Ive always had trouble with my image not just how i look but my rep, i dont like the way i look at all bc everyone always says im anorexic and i actually eat a lot and i try to gain weight but i cant. So since i cant change that u started to change other things trying to get people to like me. For example i would smoke weed to get rid of my problems for a little bit then i would tell people that’s i was and people started liking me for once. I lost my virginity when i was 14 bc a lot of people were so i figured that was normal….. i regret doing it a lot of the time but now i have my first girl friend and i love her soo much and she makes me feel special :) but im bisexual and i finally came out to my parents and two of them were supportive and the other two werent… but yea thats how im doing rn… - Izzy (she/her)

1 year ago

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