IM SO STRESSED!!! I can’t do it anymore. I work my ASS OFF ALL OF HS FOR THIS. I can get 2 free periods off but I have no way to get home. I feel so alone and I have to figure all this out myself. I wish someone would just tell me that they r proud of me. I don’t even know if I want to go to college anymore. It’s just too much I’m so stressed. Everytime I think about the future I feel like breathe. I wish I could just be free. I feel like I’m tied down and dependent on everyone. Feeling like a burden. And they all think and tell me that I can’t be independent. I want to be independent so bad. I want to. So bad. But idk how. Y is life so hard. I maybe be stressing over a little thing. But then my stress takes over me and I keep think about the future and everything I HAVE TO DO. But don’t want to do it anymore.

1 year ago

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